Meditation for Thursday 25th August 2022

It could be  is argued that concentration is a preliminary exercise in one-pointedness and is often considered a desirable attribute for almost any aspect of life including business, sport training etc. With general concentration we can focus on almost anything sometimes drawing comparisons between facts and figures and differing ideas.

We can use concentration to help our body to relax by doing a body scan.

Then there’s that concentration where all objects are transcended and even names and definitions left behind. This single-pointed concentration is an unwavering focus on the breath, a mantra or a mandala.

Some believe there is one step more in concentration and that’s called contemplation which is a union with Reality or with God where the point of concentration e.g. the breath etc is no longer necessary and the meditator is absorbed into the mystery of ‘nothingness’.

Some practitioners like to prepare for their practice by going through the stages. i.e., General concentration, specific single-pointed concentration and the desire to reach the contemplative state.

Noe let’s meditate, examining our motivation and quietly embracing the silence.



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