Meditation for Thursday 23rd May 2024

The word spiritual is often used by people who are content to describe themselves as spiritual but hesitant to identify as being religious. When we categorise as being spiritual we are generally expressing how we relate to things that affect the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Of course it can most certainly mean those things that are associated with religion or religious belief. (The distinction can often be semantic.)

Spiritual meditation is an experience that takes us to the depths of who we are. It taps into our real self stripped of those perceptions that we might have about our self. The process can be fraught with pain but ultimately we are rewarded with joy and peace.

Whether we consider our meditation practice to be spiritual is a matter of choice because there is no right or wrong way to meditate. All practices promote an integration of mind and body. There is no one size fits all form of meditation because people are different and have diverse preferences.

Whatever method we choose and whatever we ‘name’ our meditation practice we realize that meditation is not a result- focused undertaking. Fixating on results can provoke anxiety and generally undermines the benefits. Meditation is a process-orientated undertaking that focuses on the moment, not on the outcome. Enjoying the moment is important!

Most of us have found that meditation is a skill that takes time, perseverance and commitment.

To summarise, meditation is a simple strategy that can promote calmness and relaxation and in spiritualmeditation we enter deeply into the self. This can bring us great peace of mind.




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