Meditation for Thursday 23rd June 2022

In fourteenth century Germany, Meister Eckhart, a philosopher, theologian and mystic, wrote “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘thank you’ that would suffice.”

Often before meditation I like to spend a few moments thinking about what I’m grateful for and who I’m grateful for. It’s not surprising then that in those traditions where meditation is significant that gratefulness is a key element. It’s a good lead in to meditation as gratefulness makes us happy and happiness brings serenity and when we’re serene our quality of meditation is much improved.

Gratefulness reminds us of the positive things in life.

It can turn damaging things into beneficial things. Having trouble with maintenance of your house? Be grateful you have a house. Be grateful you have challenges. Be grateful you can learn from these challenges.

Gratefulness reminds us of what is important. It’s hard to get stressed about paying bills when you are grateful you have the security of a roof over your head.

Gratefulness reminds us to thank others.

It’s good to examine our conscience to observe if there are things that we could have done better but it is equally important to live a life of gratitude.

Some years ago in Soweto I sat with an African family in a tin shack no bigger than my backyard shed as they gave thanks for my presence, their food and their family. They had nothing but they had everything!

Before meditation and after meditation and as we embrace those little mindfulness moments in our day it will greatly improve our day-to-day living when our meditative life becomes one of gratefulness.

So tonight before we begin our meditation take a moment to think of one thing you are grateful for; it can be a person living or dead or it can be an occasion, event or even a possession.



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