Meditation Thursday 22 July 2021  Welcome to our on-line meditation.

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Reflection ….

I apologise at the outset that many of you have heard this reflection but I believe it’s worth repeating….

Jonathan Sacks who up until 2013 was the Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth and an accomplished writer and broadcaster used to tell this story. He died in November last year.

A young chemist had been working for some time at developing a new bonding agent, a glue. Eventually the work was complete. He tried it out. It didn’t stick. What is the use of a glue that doesn’t stick? A failure. Time wasted. Effort spent in vain. Back to the laboratory to try again, so 99 out of 100 people would surely have concluded.

The young chemist was the one in 100 who thought differently. Instead of deciding that his work was a failure, he asked, “what if it’s a success? What if I’ve discovered a solution? The only thing left to do is to find the problem.” He refused to give up. He kept asking himself, “What’s the use of glue that doesn’t stick?” Eventually he found it and it became a huge commercial success. The non-sticking glue he invented is used for notepaper you can attach and detach. That is how the ‘Post-It’ pad was born. (‘Celebrating Life’ – Jonathan sacks, Pub: Bloomsbury, 2000)

In meditation it is important we persevere even when we believe our efforts are fruitless. Although we may not find what we thought we were seeking we will eventually discover that meditation can turn our life upside-down. Like the Post-It glue, in a good way!

And now let’s meditate in the fashion that we are accustomed, reminding ourselves that we meditate not only for ourselves but for the benefit of others

(Meditate for up to 20 minutes.)


As I pondered how long this fifth lock down might last I found this quote from the poet Kabir enough to spring me into action on what so far is a beautiful sunny morning in Melbourne.

My inside listen to me, the greatest spirit,

The teacher, is near,

Wake up, wake up!


Run to his feet –

He is standing close to your head right now.

You have slept for millions and millions of years.

Why not wake up this morning?

We’ll be meditating with you in spirit tonight at 7 o’clock.