Meditation for Easter Thursday 21st April 2022

The Latin expression hic et nunc which is found in many early Christian texts is relevant for meditators. It means here and now, here in this place, in this chair and now in this moment, in the present time. Hic, here and nunc, in the present. This is the essence of meditation that provides us with an opportunity to change our lives; our ordinary everyday lives.

Our true nature is there in front of us in each moment. Life is each moment, nothing more, nothing less.

Those who know me know that I am an advocate of complimenting those formal times of meditation with mindfulness moments. They are the best way for us to increase our awareness of the present. I like to sit quietly and look slowly around me, wherever I am. Last week it was in nature at Badger Creek, today it’s looking at the shrubs and flowers in my back courtyard. I try and take in each sight and each object in turn as it presents itself to me. I try and gain a sense of shape, colour and presence. Usually I don’t label what I see or even think too deeply about what I see. It’s like looking into the flames of a fire. You become mesmerized, absorbed or perhaps awe-struck.

During these mindful moments I need to be aware that I am also a presence in the here and now. These precious moments remind me that each moment is part of the priceless experience of being alive.

Now let’s deepen our awareness as we embrace the stillness. Gently close your eyes, keep your back straight, place your hands into a comfortable position and at the sound of the gong relax into meditation.

At the conclusion of your meditation you might like to spend a moment or two offering gratitude for the stillness.



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