You are invited to experience meditation as a way of bringing peace, harmony and joy to your life.
Meditation is a way to assist you to live a mindful life, to enhance your day-to-day awareness by living in the present moment.

Listen to the attached audio to prepare for your meditation

And now let’s meditate in the way we are accustomed. You may wish to dedicate this meditation practice to those affected by the pandemic or you might have some other worthy intention. We do this to remind ourselves that we meditate not only for ourselves but also for the benefit of others.

(Meditate for up to 20 minutes.)

As we go about our daily activities I hope that by our attention, our awareness in the present, our wakefulness ….we will find joy in the midst of the losses brought about during the challenging times..   And for those who can make it, I look forward to seeing you in the Malone Room in Richardson St.Thursdays 7pm.