Meditation for Thursday 2nd March 2023

A light hearted comment to begin.

Elkhart Tolle is a well-known mindfulness author wrote. “I have lived with several Zen Masters, all of them cats”.

What does that mean? Well it means that like a cat we must learn just ‘to be’.

For us as we meditate and integrate meditation into our lives, “the way to do is to be.”

When we live in the present moment whether it be during these formal times of meditation or during our daily activities as we go about them mindfully we are detaching ourselves from the anxieties of the past and future. We remain aware of all our thoughts and emotions but we just witness and treat them with equanimity.

This can bring us peace. There can be stillness in the midst of our hectic lives  if we peel back the layers of our lives; all the frenzy and the noise…. stillness is waiting when we practice faithfully.

Every time we deepen our awareness past the noise and clutter that projects us to the past and future rather than remaining in the present, we become truly who we are, we come to our centre.

For a meditator the ideal is that every moment should be a meditation, because every moment should be in the present moment.

The great French Philosopher of the 15th century, Blasé Paschal wrote,

“All of our difficulties are caused by our inability to sit alone, quietly.”



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