Meditation for Thursday 2nd June 2022
Aspects of the life of a Meditator exist in repetition as we come to our regular practice day after day after day; the same schedule, the same routine.
Through repetition there is a deepening of wisdom as our daily rhythm of meditation and mindfulness practices occur in the interruption of our activities, i.e. work, family, hobbies, socializing, exercise etc.
Our repetitive timetable or routine might seem quite boring to people who don’t understand or appreciate meditation however for the practitioner it renders inner peace and spiritual freedom. Our practice will grow and mature as it becomes a mirror and measure for our daily living. Of course it would be wrong for us to be smug and think that we know how to meditate perfectly or that we have discovered the best technique.
When we remain faithful to our practice, when we resist those temptations that tell us it’s ‘bollocks’, it’s then that patience is required. Patience is a virtue and a life-long struggle but with our regular practice we gradually learn to be patient and to overcome doubts and personal weaknesses. We are patience as we yearn for wisdom!
When we find ourselves looking forward to our practice we are well and truly on the road to living a meditative way of life. Just as fish die if they stay too long out of water, so we as meditators when we neglect our practice will lose the intensity of inner peace.
So now like the fish going towards the sea we hurry to meditation.


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