Meditation for Thursday 2nd February 2023

As it’s the start of a new year let’s re-visit some basics…….

POSTURE: To help ground our body we keep our feet flat on the floor and sit forward in our chair. It’s best to sit forward so that we support our spine, keeping the spine straight and vertical. Keeping the back straight, rather than slouching or leaning to the side, allows the diaphragm to move freely and the mind to find constancy.

BREATH: We breathe in a relaxed manner, not controlling or manipulating the breath; in through the nose, out through the nose.

CONCENTRATION: We bring our awareness to the breath. It’s our point of concentration assisting us to be in the present moment.

HANDS: We place our hands in a comfortable, non-clasping position.

CLOTHING: We wear loose clothing unencumbered by a tight belt. Some people like to have a meditation garment or shawl.

The more completely our mind is at rest, the more deeply our body is at rest. The objective is not to fall asleep but rather to be awake and alert.

It’s important to be patient. We try to let go of expectations and goals. While we’re conditioned to function this way in most areas of life, meditation opens up a new way to experience ourselves. We need to wholeheartedly give ourselves to the practice of meditation by letting go of our thoughts, opinions and stories.

In meditation we learn to see and be our real selves and to experience the world as it really is.

Now let us be in the moment, putting aside thoughts and expectations……



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