This is our 46th week of On-Line Meditation.

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Tonight’s Reflection…

Indulge me as I quote tonight from “How to Meditate – A Practical Guide” by Kathleen McDonald; Wisdom Publications, 1984. Kathleen, ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun in 1974 is a respected, down-to-earth, inspiring teacher.

“Subduing the mind and bringing it to the right understanding of reality is no easy task. It requires a slow and gradual process of listening to and reading explanations on the mind and the nature of things: thinking about and carefully analysing this information; and finally transforming the mind through meditation. 

Meditation can take many forms; concentrating single-pointedly by concentrating on the breath, a mantra or mandala. Often we meditate, not to analyse but to understand some personal problem. This is not a thinking process. We can meditate as a form of pray, praying to a deity. Meditation’s ultimate aim is to awaken a very subtle level of consciousness and to use it to discover reality, directly and intuitively. 

When we concentrate in meditation it is the exact opposite of our usual state of mind. If you turn inwards for a few moments you will notice your mind jumping from one thing to another. Our task is to tame the scattered and uncontrolled mind. Without this level of concentration successful meditation is impossible. Stabilising meditation is not easy, but it is essential for bringing the mind under control.” 

And now let’s meditate in the way we are accustomed. You may wish to dedicate this meditation practice to those affected by the pandemic or you might have some other worthy intention. 

(Meditate for up to 20 minutes.)

 As we go about our daily activities I hope that by our attention, our awareness in the present, our wakefulness ….we will find joy in the midst of the losses brought about during these challenging days..