MEDITATION   Thursday 17th June 2021

Dear Friends,

I’m sure that you have some appreciation of the relationship between meditation and those mindfulness acts that pepper your day. You’ll notice that with mindfulness come little moments of silence, a state of being that can greatly enhance your daily practice of meditation.

As busy 21st century people we need to be pragmatic about what we can realistically achieve. Many of us have noisy households, chaotic work environments and some people find the task of sitting still for just a few minutes overwhelming. Let me assure you that as you persevere you will experience an interior silence even within a common or shared space. You may not immediately see such a situation as an act of mindfulness however even the briefest act will be helpful in seeking your goal.

To be silent is an active, engaged pursuit seen as counter cultural; it might well be labelled a radical act!

Go morning and night to your meditation chair, concentrate on the breath or whatever technique you use to quieten the mind and dwell in the stillness. As thoughts arise, and sometimes they do all the time, acknowledge them and return to concentrating on the breath.

Once again a reminder the check-out the Carmelite Centre website, for programs on offer.

The way things are going it seems we can return to our ‘live’ meditation sessions next Thursday.  In the meantime, relax and refresh yourself with at least 20 minutes of concentrated meditation. We’ll be with you in spirit at 7 0’clock tonight!