Meditation for Thursday 14th July 2022

When we are centered, through regular meditation and mindfulness practices, living genuinely grounded moment-to-moment, we live a life of truthfulness.

A life in which we are true to ourselves and true to others.

In order to be truthful we nurture naturalness because well-being and naturalness encourage healing.

Often we experience the feeling of naturalness when we are relaxed and unwinding on holiday. Naturalness, when we let our real selves emerge, is the opposite of anxiety and stress.

To be true and natural requires us to live simply. Meditation assists us to develop simplicity. Simplicity means to be as straightforward as possible in the way we live our life. Simplicity is freeing and meditation helps us towards living the simple life.

Truthfulness, naturalness and simplicity developed through regular meditation and mindfulness practices help us let go of anxieties. Those immortal words of the Beatles “Let It Be” gain meaning for us as we grow in our commitment to meditation



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