Meditation for Thursday 14th October 2021  

Most seasoned meditators understand that the regular practice of meditation can gift us some health benefits which evidently bring happiness into our lives. When we apply the power of meditation and mindfulness practices to challenging emotions; physical, psychological and spiritual, it assists us to discover those resources within ourselves to deal with destructive, negative emotions.  

The journey of meditation, being present in the moment, coupled with mindfulness practices helps us walk calmly through life. Meditation is a key research-proven strategy that promotes health in the body, in the mind and in our relationships with each other. This doesn’t mean we won’t get sick but it does mean that it greatly assists us in our hour of need and therefore can be an efficient aid towards healing.

Many of you have heard me say that each time we come to meditation is like our first time, we are all novices, we are all beginners. So tonight let this be our time, and here is the invitation, to step into a new way of being that can reduce anxiety, stress and fear and enhance joy, gratitude and well-being. Like life itself not every meditation and mindfulness practice will leave us ‘on a high.’ But with perseverance we begin to notice the richness of life. Our awareness of gratitude increases as our mind settles without those troublesome distractions of negative emotions that cause so much suffering.

So now tonight this is our opportunity to stop and ‘smell the roses’.

Our meditation and mindfulness practice will not anesthetise us to pain and suffering but it will help us clearly see the habits of our mind that create unnecessary suffering.

Be confident that it can bring joy in the midst of chaos.

Now let us meditate in the way in which we are most comfortable always with the awareness that we meditate for others as well as ourselves.


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