Dear Friends, I hope that the attached will assist with your practice this evening. Also attached is a letter from an Ecuadorian couple, Isabel and Terumo who are looking for work.
They came here to improve their English but this covid year is proving disastrous for them. Anne Gugger, a regular member of our Meditation group has sent this letter in anticipation that someone might be able to help them.
Anne says they are a very engaging couple in their thirties, community minded, competent and willing to do any sort of work.
I hope everyone is well and enjoying the new freedoms. Peter

This is our 34th week of On-Line Meditation.

Take a look at the zoom offerings available from the Carmelite Centre, i.e. as there may very well be something of interest for you there.

Tonight’s Reflection…
Meditation across all traditions is a practice which is intended to calm the turbulence of our outer and inner lives.
Meditation helps to create harmony between us and our social, spiritual and even metaphysical worlds.
Meditation is not necessarily based on belief but rather is a practice that spans both religious and secular traditions.
Meditation offers us the gifts of stillness, understanding, freedom and calmness.
Meditation is the experience of oneself. Then it becomes the experience of one’s being. Then it becomes a celebration of all beings.
Meditation is about connectedness and a way of learning to be without greed, desire, aggression or guilt.
Meditation, because of these benefits  helps us to be in this world and live with each other, rather than live off our world and be separate from one another.
And now let’s meditate in the fashion that you are accustomed. You might like to dedicate this meditation practice to those affected by the pandemic or you  might have some other worthy intention.
(Meditate for up to 20 minutes.)

 As we go about our daily activities I hope that by our attention, our awareness in the present, we will find joy in the midst of the losses brought about during this pandemic.   Peter

Test17_Telmo and Isabel Job Letter