Meditation for Thursday 10th November 2022

When we practice daily our clarity and insight are sharpened.

The great benefit of regular practice is that it helps stabilize the mind and gives us space to let go, fall silent, and gradually begin to understand what is going on in our life.

In addition to our daily periods of practice we need to learn to practice awareness or mindfulness during the greater part of the day as we go about our day-to-day activities.

It’s often said that many of us give only half our attention to the things we do. We think we are doing things wholeheartedly when in fact we are probably thinking about a hundred different things at the same time. We’re not usually conscious of this. We’re like the person who thinks she is walking the dog,but ends up following the dog wherever it leads her.

Awareness or mindfulness practice is simple. Pay attention to things like combing your hair, brushing your teeth, shaving, drinking the morning coffee….bring your attention fully to what you are doing.

We’ll probably be distracted by a commentary in our head that might run something like this…”Oh my goodness, this is really stupid, this is weird. Why am I cleaning my teeth and having to think about it?”

When we give way to such commentary we are no longer mindful. Mindfulness and meditation is being fully aware of being in the present moment without any commentary.

Now let us meditate reminding ourselves as we dwell in the present that we not only meditate for ourselves but we also meditate for the benefit of others.



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