Meditation – Thursday 10 June’21

Welcome to another meditation on Thursday in lockdown. At the time of preparing this reflection the severe restrictions were in place but if they are lifted by next week we should be able to resume face-to-face in the Malone Room. Keep tuned!
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Those who come to meditation regularly or those of you that have your own home practice would be familiar with the often said phrase meditation is a way of life.

The prospect of meditation as a way of life can be frightening for many people who meditate just to get a little more peace and order in in their lives. People can often be terrified at the thought that a meditative life is going to mean that their life is turned upside down as they try and fit-in the things that they imagine living a meditative life might entail.

If meditation, in the style and manner you choose to practice, gives you some peace and order then indeed you have begun to live a meditative life. Once you have adopted the path of regular meditation you will gradually feel the benefit not just during those moments when you formally practice but throughout your day.

Find your own way because your way if it works for you is all that matters. Of course it’s good to listen to the advice of experienced teachers but ultimately if you have adopted a successful technique that you feel relaxed and secure in using day-by-day then stick with it!

Many times we feel the depth of meditation but just as many times we regress and feel it’s a waste of time. Both experiences are necessary. Just as in life we have our ups and downs so in living a meditative life we have our ups and downs.

Relax into your meditation. Let it be a time of refreshment rather than obligation. See meditation as a discipline only in so far in that it is of service to you and the world.


And now let’s meditate.

Place yourself into a relaxed but alert position, close or put your eyes in a soft gaze and position your hands in an unclenched manner.