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Mary Oliver’s poetry is full of questions: about life, the natural world, the way we inhabit our environment. This session, facilitated by Carol O’Connor is a brief introduction to her poetry, a time to discover together some of her insights and share their meaning for us today.
Poems to read before the session Mary Oliver Poems Spiritual Reading Group

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/meeting/tJ0ode-tqzIoGtQfKET5SBvuG8RWJPCEAtm4/ics?icsToken=98tyKuChqzksH9GcshmHRox5GYjoM-_wmFhBjbdsmjTAN3VgQBXjEbpwBZhPM_3x

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Carol O’Connor is a writer, teacher and the Manager of St Peter’s Bookroom in Melbourne. She has a Masters in English Literature; a particular interest in poetry, meditation and Celtic spirituality; and follows her own mystical path.

The monthly Spiritual Reading Group sessions are facilitated by Philip Harvey, the Carmelite Librarian. All are welcome to join the zoom session.

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