Date(s) - 23/05/2019 - 25/05/2019
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

O'Connor / Pilkington Rooms


As has become the tradition at the Carmelite Centre, we are holding a Symposium late in May: Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th, and Saturday 25th.

This year’s Symposium engages with the inner journey and how it can be manifested outwardly. It’s about how each one of us uses art forms – painting, drawing, journaling, writing, music, movement – as means to spiritual exploration and expression.
The workshops are an invitation to creative involvement and taking time out; about personal growth, experience, and relationship.
The presenters are facilitators who, using their own skills, enable participants to shift their thinking and take on new possibilities.

A detailed program is below and the brochure can be downloaded. 2019 Symposium Brochure

Bookings are now open.

If you would prefer to pay at the door email us letting us know what sessions you will attend. We look forward to hearing from you.

Symposium Timetable

Thursday 23 May

Session One 10 am-1 pm

* Lynne Muir on Calligraphy: ‘The Expressive Alphabet’

* Pam Cox on Journaling: ‘Marianne Hieb and the Art Journaling Experience’

Session Two 2 pm-5 pm

* Ian Ferguson on the Body and Spirituality: ‘Embodied spirituality : Incarnation, Communion, Transcendence’

* Will Day on Creativity: ‘Fostering Creative Expression in One’s Life and Spiritual Practice’

Session Three 6 pm-9 pm

* Clotilde Lopez on Art Experience and Spiritual Practice: ‘Into the Icon’

* Mary McCowan on Contemplation: ‘Exploring the Possibility of Visual Art as a Daily, Contemplative Practice.’

Friday 24 May

Session Four 10 am-1 pm

* Jan Morgan, Trish Graham & Graeme Garrett: ‘Fragrant portals, dimly starred : poetry and the song of Creation’

* Jina Mulligan on Art Contemplation: ‘The art of Odilon Redon as an Aid to Contemplation’

Session Five 2 pm-5 pm

* Rob Gallacher on Icons: ‘Discovering Contemplative Prayer with Icons’

* Michele Harris on Mandala: ‘Mandala Making : a Spiritual Practice’

Saturday 25 May

Session Six 10 am-1 pm

*Glenn Loughrey

* Stuart Devenish on Vision and Perception: ‘You Shall See Heaven Open: Christian Faith as an Alternate Mode of Seeing’

* Susan Frykberg on Sonic Meditation: ‘Listening and Sound-making: Breath, Chant and Scripture ‘


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