Date(s) - 16/06/2020
4:30 AM - 6:00 AM

Carmelite Library


Karen Armstrong and the Lost Art of Scripture JENNY RAPER

This June, Jenny Raper was to give an introductory paper on Karen Armstrong and her work on Scripture for the Spiritual Reading Group at the Carmelite Library. World events have caused the cancellation, or at least the postponement, of our monthly meeting, but Jenny has kindly provided us with her paper.

I have been reading Karen Armstrong’s new book ‘The Lost Art of Scripture – Rescuing the Sacred Texts’.  Her premise is that all the written texts (scriptures) of the world’s religions were actually founded as art – as “performative arts”…  Karen Armstrong with Jenny Raper

Each month the Spiritual Reading Group explores a text from a spiritual writer. Each month’s text is available in advance via email attachment or print form collected from the Carmelite Library.
The convenor of the Group is Susan Frykberg. Susan is a composer, sound artist and poet. She also reads widely in Christian mysticism and theology.

The 2020 program of topics and presenter are listed below. More details of each month will be available closer to the date.


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