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Date(s) - 30/05/2020
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


“Sifting Hope from the Ashes” Meditation in these Days of Crisis.

A  Zoom Program, Saturday 30 May, 2020 10 – 11.30am

People seek our meditation for many reasons and all are valid. Right now many are meditating to assist with the anxiety that often comes with isolation.It can help because it focuses us on many things:
*Relaxation- Relaxing the body, slowing our breath and calming our mind
*Stillness – Stilling the body and mind as we sit quietly in meditation.
*Interiority – Or ‘looking inside’. Whether the eyes are open or shut meditation turns us inward.
*Awareness – We become witnesses to our mental and emotional states.
*Focus – We concentrate or focus on a single thing whether it be our breath, a candle, a mantra, etc.

Join us for this journey of self-exploration as meditation helps us to exercise and explore our mind.Meditation expands our horizons in life, showing us options we didn’t know existed



Bookings are closed for this event.