Date(s) - 07/08/2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

O'Connor / Pilkington Rooms


This library lecture is by Simon Carey Holt. Heaven is commonly imagined as a place far away, a future state of being eternally with God in another realm. In a similar way, to seek a deeper sense of God in this life we do so most often in practices of withdrawal and retreat. We assume we are obliged to step away from the ordinary routines of life in order to pursue God’s presence elsewhere. But what is God is as profoundly present in the kitchen as God in the church? What if the beauty of heaven is as tangible in our neighbourhoods and workplaces as it is in places of retreat and prayer?

In this lecture, we will explore the possibility of heaven in the most daily contexts of life and we’ll look for spiritual practices that are part and parcel of our everyday routines.

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Simon Carey Holt is the senior minister of Melbourne’s Collins Street Baptist Church. Prior to becoming a minister, Simon qualified and worked as a chef. His continuing passions for food, theology and the city inspire his writing. His latest book “Heaven All Around Us: Discovering God in Everyday Life” was published earlier this year.

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Fourth Library Lecture for 2018
Tue 23 October  Music in the Journey of Faith
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