Date(s) - 03/04/2019
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Carmelite Library


Come and join us in a discussion about the Martyrs of Compiegne, a community of sixteen Carmelite nuns and religious, who gave their lives during the turbulent times of The French Revolution, so that ‘love would always be victorious’ (Adolphe-Marie Hardy, The Mantle of Elijah, p.17),

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In this discussion we will reflect upon

  • The Martyrs of Compiegne – who are they? What did they do? What was their Act of Consecration and holocaust? What was this mystic dream experienced by Carmelite Sister Elisabeth Baptiste almost a century before The Martyrs of Compiegne made their ultimate sacrifice?
  • The French Revolution, The Reign of Terror and the horrors of this barbaric time in history – What happened to the Religious? How did belief shape and change a culture?
  • The Literature and Artwork of Saint Mother Teresa of Saint Augustine, and Sister Julie-Louise of Jesus, Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne.
  • The Literature, opera and plays about the Martyrs of Compiegne – The nature, ethics and characterization of retellings and re-imagining(s) of historical fiction, with special focus upon these texts: The Song at the Scaffold by Gertrud Von Le Fort; The Fearless Heart by Georges Bernanos; The Mantle of Elijah by Terrye Newkirk, OCDS; To Quell the Terror by William Bush
  • How the Martyrs of Compiegne, inspired by their sacrifice, influenced fellow Carmelites, Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity and Saint Therese of Lisieux.


Two inspiring quotes for your reflection:

“By the personal gift of each religious, the victory of love became the testimony of the whole community. Love overcame hatred.” (Adolphe-Marie Hardy, Bishop of Beauvaism Noyon and Senlis in France ‘So That Peace May be Restored to the Church and the State’  Pastoral Letter, Easter 1994, from The Mantle of Elijah by Terrye Newkirk OCDS, pg. 13.) 

‘Let thy blade cut, completing all my offering!
For nothing but thy will for me is sweet!
My one desire is that thy hand be hov’ring
O’er me, thy bride, the sacrifice complete!’ Saint Teresa of Saint Augustine, Martyr of Compiegne (Madame Madeleine-Claudine Lidoine) To Quell the Terror by William Bush p. 222


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