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Dear Meditators

Today we will start a new series of meditations from Margaret Silf’s book, Wayfaring, to take us through to Christmas. Margaret says of Advent, each year she hears the call to ‘prepare the way of the Lord…and whilst this may seem like a massive undertaking, she says that it may be something much more modest, not a huge road across the countryside, but something more like a sheep trail through the bracken, one foot in front of the other…an invitation to walk with Jesus to become a wayfarer, and in loving relationship with other wayfarers, to become a way-maker for others.

The aim of our meditation this week is to create a sacred space for God’s Presence…and by maintaining our intention towards that Presence, through breath, image or word (if distracted), and ultimately through silence…experience a response from God’s Presence at an individual heart felt level. This is the heart of Centering Prayer.

Let’s begin…Margaret Silf says on ‘Seeds of God:’

  • Each human life reflects the same pattern as the universe itself – beginning from a single point, infinitesimally small, and expanding outwards, constantly revealing more and more of its immeasurable potential. God has already recognized us in our true colours and in the fullness of our potential…
  • The journey that is ahead of us is a journey of our true selves towards the true centre and source of all Being. In accompanying Jesus as we explore the landscape of God – through darkness and light, rock-faces and mountain-top wonderment, may God give us the grace and joy to share the fruits of our journey…with a longing that the Kingdom, (the seed of God in us) may be a little closer to its coming than when we were born.

Relax now in body and mind, slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, centering your prayer, your will and intention on knowing you are recognised by God… knowing as Meister Eckhart wrote…The seed of God is within us. / Now a seed of a pear tree/ grows into a pear tree…/ a seed of God/ grows into/ God.

Love and every blessing


Margaret Silf: Wayfaring, pp. 1, 4, 7, 10, 19.

Mathew Fox: Meditations with Meister Eckhart, p 28.

 Remember to watch an introduction to Centering Prayer Meditation with Kathryn. You can see it here

 Let us know how you are finding this time – we always like to hear from you😊

Peace and health at this time.

Irene & Damien