This week our meditation is taken from Henry Nouwen’s book, LifeSigns. Last week we considered his overall theme: a possibility to move from a house of fear to a house of love. Over the next three weeks we will begin to reflect on the three vital aspects of this ministry – intimacy, fruitfulness and joy “to show what life in the house of love looks like, and create the desire to live in it.”

This week on intimacy; described as communion with God and relationship with others Henry says:

  • “Make your home in me, as I make mine in you” (John15: 4). This is an invitation to intimacy…a place we can truly call “home.” A place where it is good to be: the house of love. Yet Henry tells us, homelessness is probably the one word to describe the suffering of our time. Where fear moves us away from each other, a safe distance or moves towards each other to a safe closeness. Apart from so many who have lost their physical homes…Are we afraid of losing our independence, individuality, or personal space? Intimacy is not some happy medium. It’s a way of being beyond fear, a new space where we can move freely because we have been invited to participate in divine love…under God’s wings, in his holy temple, in his wonderful tent, pitched among us.
  • Jesus, in whom the fullness of God dwells, has become our home. By choosing us as His preferred dwelling place, he invites us to choose him as our preferred dwelling place…claim me as your home…it is right where you are…in your innermost being…in your heart…is the mystery of the incarnation.

Relax now in body and mind, slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, centering your prayer, and allow yourself to hear the words “claim me as your home.”
Love and every blessing


 LifeSigns, p 11-31.

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Peace and health at this time

Irene & Damien