Dear Meditators

This week we bring to a close our series of Meditations on ‘Aspects of the Heart,’ from a book of that title by Joan Chittister. Joan is a Benedictine sister, a bold voice, internationally known author and lecturer, a leader in organisations for contemporary spirituality, and is currently co-chair of the Global Peace Initiative of Women. In her book, Joan quotes Luke 6:45…A good person produces good from the treasure of the heart, and says, that everything we do in life, goes into the treasury of the heart.

Over this series we have reflected on three heart aspects (of the 50) that Joan provides – ‘A Heart for Nature,’ ‘A Connected Heart,’ and this week ‘A Compassionate Heart.’ The series can be listened to in the recordings provided with these words.

On the aspect of the Compassionate Heart, Joan says:

  • A religious life is easy…it requires that we be just to the other; it’s difficult to be spiritual. The spiritual life demands that we be compassionate to the other. To be deeply spiritual, wholly compassionate, we must remember that the one in need is simply another version of ourselves that we may have yet to meet in life but someday surely will.
  • Compassion oils the astronomy of the human condition. It brings us into touch with one another, finds the light in each, and magnifies it to the point that the world brightens with a new kind of understanding, a better kind of human community. Then I am a gift to the rest of humankind.

Relax now in body and mind, slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, centering your prayer, your will and intention on being wholly compassionate, seeing in others, myself…being the gift.

 Love and every blessing


Joan Chittister, Aspects of the Heart, p 12, 13, 89.  

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Peace and health at this time.

Irene & Damien