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Dear Meditators                                                                                                                               15/03/22

This week is the last in our series of reflections from Philip Newell’s book, Listening for the Heartbeat of God – a Celtic Spirituality.  Philip Newell asks why…and what had in particular influenced and shaped the spirituality of the Celtic mission and its passion for finding God at the heart of all life?

Over these last few weeks we have reflected on some of these influences in the form of writings of various people, the Celtic Christian Pelagius, from the 4th century, St Patrick from the 5th century, Eriugena from the 9th century – perhaps the greatest teacher the Celtic branch of the church produced; an influencer for the work of subsequent centuries, including that of Alexander John Scott from the 19th century the focus of this week’s meditation on the theme of listening with imagination.

The aim of our meditation as always is to create a sacred space for God’s Presence…and by maintaining our intention towards that Presence, through breath, image or word, and ultimately through silence…experience a response from God’s Presence at an individual heart felt level. This is the heart of Centering Prayer. (A more detailed introduction to the practice of Centering Prayer can be found on the link below).

 Let’s begin… reflections on the theme of  ‘Listening with Imagination.

  • God’s love is in and for all people. God is immediately present in the whole of life…everywhere can be seen the ladder that connects heaven and earth. Listen for God in all things, ‘in the growth of the tree, in the rising of the morning sun, in the stars at night, and in the moon. Perceive in your innermost being the interweaving of the spiritual and the material…from year to year, from month to month, and from hour to hour. Every day, every hour, every moment is holy.
  • Everything in creation has issued forth from the invisible and contains something of the unseen life of God. God’s life is like the heartbeat at the center of life, pulsating within, sustaining all that is…

Relax now in body and mind, slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, centering your prayer, your will and intention on becoming aware of the heartbeat at the center of life…God’s life pulsating within…

 Love and every blessing, Kathryn

 Philip Newell, Listening for the Heartbeat of God: a Celtic Spirituality. Holy Trinity Church, London, 1997, p 62-65.

 Remember to watch an introduction to Centering Prayer Meditation. You can see it here


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