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Dear Meditators

We will continue today with a series of meditations from Margaret Silf’s book, Wayfaring, to take us through to Christmas. Margaret says of Advent, each year she hears the call to ‘prepare the way of the Lord’…not a huge road across the countryside, but something more modest, like a sheep trail through the bracken, one foot in front of the other…an invitation to walk with Jesus to become a wayfarer, and in loving relationship with other wayfarers, to become a way-maker for others.

The aim of our meditation as always is to create a sacred space for God’s Presence…and by maintaining our intention towards that Presence, through breath, image or word (if distracted), and ultimately through silence…experience a response from God’s Presence at an individual heart felt level. This is the heart of Centering Prayer.

Let’s begin…this week on ‘Being on the Road to Bethlehem,’ Margaret says:

  • We are, as Teresa of Avila puts it, the hands and feet, the eyes and ears and heart of Jesus now. So if we are to live out the redemption story in our own story, we must place our feet in his footprints, and we too must walk. The walk begins in Nazareth. Consider Mary’s setback since the Annunciation – Joseph’s initial reaction, the man-made complication of a rough journey late in a pregnancy, and in Bethlehem, over and over all through the streets the unborn Christ is greeted with words and the spirit of rejection and exclusion.
  • Eventually there is a softening of a heart…like a single star shining out in a black sky, flickering, unsteady, but nevertheless a source of light and hope…a person feels compassion…offers a makeshift shelter…no chance to sweep it clean. God has chosen – freely chosen to express his overwhelming love for you by coming “down to earth” to dwell in the stable of your life…

Relax now in body and mind, slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, centering your prayer, your will and intention on living out the redemption story in your own story…placing your feet in his footprints… experiencing God’s overwhelming love for you…dwelling in the stable of your life.

Love and every blessing


 Margaret Silf: Wayfaring, pp. 91-95.

 Remember to watch an introduction to Centering Prayer Meditation with Kathryn. You can see it here

 Let us know how you are finding this time – we always like to hear from you😊

Peace and health at this time.

Irene & Damien