Dear Meditators

This week our meditation is taken from Richard Rohr’s book, The Immortal Diamond, his chapter on Love is Stronger than Death, where we will consider his theme of finding True Self and what leads us into larger life and love.

These words are intentional. It’s a time to experience where and if any word or phrase stands out for you.  Take what you need of them into your silence as your centering prayer.

 Richard says:

Did it ever surprise you that Christ first appeared to Mary Magdalene after his rising? She is the symbolic stand-in for all of longing humanity and all who are considered sinners. Jesus says of the woman with the alabaster jar, perhaps Mary Magdalene, “Her many sins must have been forgiven her, or she would not have shown such great love.” He is rather clearly saying that the very failures and radical insufficiencies of our lives are what lead us into larger life and love.

 Richard asks us to realize, how counterintuitive this is…how hopeful this is? It is our mistakes that lead us to God. We come to divine union not by doing it right but by doing it wrong, as we all must surely do. Mary Magdalene is the icon and archetype of love itself – needed, given, received, and passed on – and Jesus’ appearance to her first and alone is the clear affirmation of this wonderful and astounding message.

As you begin to relax now in body and mind, slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, centering your prayer, your will and intent on surrendering your insufficiencies, on receiving God’s love…leading us into larger life and love. 

Love and every blessing


Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond, p 180-181.

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 Let us know how you are finding this time – we always like to hear from you😊

Peace and health at this time

Irene & Damien