Dear Meditators
Another reflection this week from Dominican priest, Louis Hughes, in his book, The Art of Allowing as we revisit our meditation practice in more holistic ways.
In a section called Resurrection, Louis describes Life as a single breath. He says a single breath can be a symbol for an entire human life. We can look at this breath symbol in two ways. In the first, the in-breath signifies life in its growth stage – birth, increase in size and strength, development of skills and accomplishments. The complete filling of the lungs, maturity, the prime of life. After that a slow decline usually sets in, indicated by the out-breath. But he says, a more hope filled way of looking at this is to start with the out-breath. Letting go of the out-breath symbolises acceptance of the fact that I am not in control of my life, that I am willing to surrender it, in the hope that I will receive in return a new and much richer life – symbolised by the surge of the in-breath.

Sit for a few moments now, relax and allow yourself to be breathed.
Focus on your out-breath, and let it go completely – there is no need to do anything or hold on to anything.
Pay attention to the short space between the end of the out-breath and the beginning of the in-breath. Just allow the empty space for as long as it wants.
As the breath begins to flow back in, have the sense that you are now being filled with new life. Receive the new breath with gratitude.
Note what it feels like during the still moment when your lungs remain full.
Be aware of the life-giving breath as the cycle repeats itself,
…consider the words in Job:32:8

                  But it is the spirit in man,
                  the breath of the Almighty, that
                  makes him understand.

Love and every blessing
The Art of Allowing, p 90 – 91.

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Irene & Damien