This week we will consider more words from the contemporary inspirational author, Cynthia Bourgeault.In the chapter, Living in the Mercy, of her book, Mystical Hope, Cynthia describes the body of hope as the fuel that drives human life towards its divine fulfilment, and “the mercy” the water we swim in. Mercy is the length and breadth and height and depth of what we know of God – and the light by which we know it…we simply cannot get away from Mercy, it confronts us at every turn, as a reality of our faith.

  • Cynthia reminds us of the words of Christian mystic Thomas Merton – that at the centre of our being is an innermost point of truth, which shares not only the likeness, but even the substance of God’s own being. We cannot find this innermost, but only be found by it in our wholehearted willingness to join it at the point of nothing.

As you prepare to relax in body and mind, to slow your breathing, and enter your silence, allow yourself to accept this innermost point of truth, using a word, image or your breath.
Consider the invitation from scripture; Psalm 103:11 – For as the heavens reach beyond the earth and time, we swim in mercy as in an endless sea. Love and every blessing, Kathryn