Throughout 2019 our Program continues to offer diverse opportunities for stillness and silence, to meet with others, listen and discuss aspects of the spiritual journey, and to reflect on how contemplative practice can be part of our everyday life.

Here is what we have on offer in March. We look forward to seeing you at the Carmelite Centre soon. 214 Richardson Street, Middle Park.

CARMELITE CONVERSATIONS: Wednesday 6 March: 10.30 - 12noon

Five Carmelite Saints: Their Pathway to Holiness, with Damien Peile

2019 03 CC new
This month's "Carmelite Conversations" will explore the unique character of five famous canonised saints who allowed themselves to be transformed by God – but only after much struggle! Sound familiar? The saints chosen are well known and include: Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Therese of Lisieux, Elizabeth of the Trinity and Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith …

MORNING CHRISTIAN MEDITATION: Thursday 7, 14, 21, 28 March:

10.00am - 11.00am with Kathryn Pile

2019 00 Christian Meditation square
This Christian Meditation Program is a series of contemplative meditation sessions drawing on the Christian tradition, spiritual writing and scripture to deepen a way of being in God’s Presence. It is one of the Stillness and Silence opportunities offered at the Centre each week. (See below)

LIBRARY LECTURE: Tuesday 12 March, 7 - 9 pm

Living Between: Exploring a framework of spirituality with Rina Madden:

2019 03 LL square
Religious Education in a Post-Christian world: Exploring a framework of spirituality for teachers and students in Catholic schools with Rina Madden. Rina writes: “To ask ‘why’ reveals belief in the significance of life even before it can be named. To ask ‘why’ is to encounter otherness and glimpse the sacred which is transformative. I …

SPIRITUAL READING GROUP: Tuesday 19 March: 4.30 - 6.00pm

Religious Experience in the Cosmos with Jenny Raper:

2019 04 SR square
The March Spiritual Reading Group explores the ideas of John F Haught, an American Catholic theologian, interested in Cosmic spirituality. It is led by Jenny Raper who writes, "Following my quest to discover archaic sources of spirituality, I discovered his ideas take the history of the Cosmos and spirituality into the distant future. Influenced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, both …

PRAYER DAY: Wisdom for the Lenten Journey: John Climacus' Ladder of Divine Ascent Saturday 30 March with Peter Martin 10am - 3 pm.

2019 03 Retreat square
In the Eastern Church, John Climacus is studied and read during Lent and is celebrated on the Fourth Sunday in Lent. His Feast Day is March 30, the day of this quiet day. It will be a day of shared silence beginning with a time of gathering and welcome, three talks over the course of the day with a shared time for lunch …


Friday 12, Saturday 13, Sunday 14 April in Queenscliff

2019 04 Santa Casa
This Retreat is fully booked. You can add your name to a waiting list.
It is a silent residential retreat: a reflective experience to mature and deepen our spirituality. There will be personal quiet time and prayer as well as interacting with others in the Carmelite Family. The Carmelite Family is all those interested in and influenced by Carmelite spirituality. Led by Fr Matthew McPhee OCarm, it will be an opportunity to both …


SYMPOSIUM: Ways of Seeing: Three days of Spiritual Workshops:

Thursday 23, Friday 24, Saturday 25 May

2019 05 Symposium
As has become the tradition at the Carmelite Centre, we are holding a Symposium late in May: Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th, and Saturday 25th. This year’s Symposium engages with the inner journey and how it can be manifested outwardly. It’s about how each one of us uses art forms – painting, drawing, journaling, writing, music, movement – as means to …

Thursday Morning Weekly Christian Meditation 10.00am

This Christian Meditation Program is a series of contemplative meditation sessions drawing on the Christian tradition, spiritual writing and scripture to deepen a way of being in God’s Presence. It is an invitation for all those with an open heart, who are seeking to bring unity and wholeness into daily life.

Thursday Evening Weekly Meditation 7.00pm

You are invited to come and experience meditation as a way of bringing peace, harmony and joy to your life. ... to enhance your day-to-day awareness by living in the present moment. This is a regular Thursday evening session with Peter Thomas.

Friday Morning Weekly
Lectio Divina 9.30 - 10.30am

Join Fr David Hofman OCarm and a small group on Friday mornings after 9.00 Mass in a quiet oasis of prayer away from the hustle of your normal activities. We meet in the lady Chapel at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Middle Park.


Spiritual Direction is a series of conversations about your life in the light of your faith or values. ... These conversations assist discernment ... you can then choose the way forward on the spiritual journey with greater freedom. …


Located within the Carmelite Centre precinct the Carmelite Library of Spirituality and Mysticism provides a unique resource for students of religion, theology and spirituality throughout Australia.… You are most welcome to visit the Library to browse.