Dear Meditators. As we prepare to meditate, this week, let’s reflect further on some words of scripture and wisdom from St John of the Cross and St Teresa on love. Gerald May in his book, Dark Night of the Soul, looks at their theology of finding God and living in union with God. They didn’t believe that this was something that could be achieved, for the simple reason that union with God already exists. Teresa heard these beautiful words from God, “Seek yourself in Me, and in your-self seek Me”…And John, “know that God is present in substance in each soul…that this kind of union with God always exists.” Love is at the core of everything in John and Teresa’s theology.
As you prepare to relax in body and mind, to slow your breathing, and enter your silence, let yourself become aware that love is at the core of everything, and sit with that longing love for God’s Presence.
We are also reminded in scripture, Acts 17:28, We are born in union with God and we, “live and move and have our being” in God throughout our lives. Love and every blessing, Kathryn