This week we will return to an earlier work shared in our meditations sessions, Sacred Spaces by Margaret Silf. As we now re-enter a period of more restrictions in the wider community due to the virus, it seems pertinent to focus on our own sacred spaces in meditation – places where we can reflect and connect to the divine within us assured of His peace and strength.

  • In the chapter, The Infinite Knot, Margaret uses the symbol in a way to convey an infinite weaving process; “weaving wholeness out of partialness, and simplicity out of complication. Many might agree that the current restrictions on our activities have made us reduce and simplify our activities, leaving us more time for a period of deeper consciousness, more open to the whispers of eternity. Margaret suggests with this image or theme, that we begin to notice the knotted threads of our own lives…and the balance in which they are ultimately held…that each of us began our journey woven as it were, to be a new knot in the fabric of life.


  • Consider the words from scripture; Psalm 139:15 – My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.

 As you prepare to relax in body and mind, to slow your breathing, and enter your silence, become aware of the weaving process that never ceases within you. The nurturing…and the promise of the kingdom of God within…a depth in which we come closer to who we really are…when we take the time for stillness and awareness.

Love and every blessing


Sacred Spaces – Stations on a Celtic Way – Chpt 1 – The Infinite Knot, p 15 – 37.