Being mindful or living a meditative life means being aware, being attentive in the present moment.
An ancient tale tells of a student who asks his teacher…
“Where shall I look for Peace?”
“Here”, said the teacher.
“When will I know I’ve got Peace?”
“You have Peace right now.”
“But I’m not experiencing Peace.”
The teacher said: “You’re not experiencing Peace because you are not aware.”
“Not aware! What should I be looking for?”
“Nothing” said the teacher, “just look.”
“ Just look! What should I be looking at?”
“Anything your eyes alight upon” said the teacher.
“Must I look in a special way?”
“No” the teacher said, “the ordinary way will do.”
“But don’t I always look in the ordinary way?”
“No” the teacher said, “you don’t.”
“Teacher I don’t understand.”
“To find Peace you must be here; to look you must be here. You are mostly somewhere else.”

And now let us meditate in the fashion that we are accustomed to.
You might like to dedicate your meditation to those that are affected by Covid-19 virus either through illness, bereavement or unemployment or some special intention of your own.
(Meditate for up to 20 minutes.)


As we go about our daily activities I hope that by being in the present, by remaining mindful we will find joy in the midst of this trial.      Peter