Richard Rohr in his book, The Divine Dance, offers us a divine image of Vulnerability to reflect on this week. Amid disturbing news in the community as unrelenting virus cases mount, let us consider what it means to be open to interior vulnerability, as a Source of peace and strength.

  • Richard asks us to consider that what we call “vulnerability” might just be the key to ongoing growth. Yet it’s a risky position to live undefended, in a kind of openness to the other, we may get wounded. However, if we choose to take this risk we also allow the exact opposite possibility: the other might also gift us, free us, and even love us. If we can live this vulnerable life – the life we see mirrored in God who is described as three persons – we can become aware of the work of the Spirit – to keep you growing is to keep you vulnerable to life and love itself…growing, changing and recognizing the new moments of opportunity. The path Richard describes is not one with an arrival point; it’s more like we are always in the river. He asks us to recognize it, enjoy it and even more fully allow it to carry you.
  • There are many metaphors in scripture for the movement of the Spirit: elusive wind, descending dove, falling fire, and flowing water. Inside Trinity, a spiritual life simply becomes “the imitation of God,” – Ephesians 5:1.

As you prepare to relax in body and mind, to slow your breathing, and enter your meditation, become aware that this divine flow doesn’t have to do with you being perfect. You do not even have to understand it. Imagine Jesus saying, as it were, “Are you going to allow yourself to be touched? If so, let’s go!”

Love and every blessing

 The Divine Dance – Vulnerability, p 57 – 58.