Dear Meditators The wisdom from St John of the Cross, and St Teresa on our deep longing to be in union with God is again this week’s meditation focus. John and Teresa had a profound appreciation of what we now call the unconscious…it is this unconscious dimension of the spiritual life that John and Teresa term as dark, or ‘obsuro’. John says this dark night is full of guiding grace…and is working to heal us and protect us…and is a totally loving and liberating process…”a guiding night more kindly than the dawn”. A co-participation between God and the person…with God at the centre, it can be no other way. In place of striving, controlling, managing everything…one finds a growing willingness, a receptivity, a sense of welcoming and awareness of standing on truly sacred ground.
As you prepare to relax in body and mind, to slow your breathing, and enter your silence, let yourself become aware that love is at the core of everything, and sit with that deeper longing for God’s Presence.
We are reminded in scripture, Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”. This verse means more than rest or relax…it encourages us to reflect on who God is…a call to be in awe, and be silent and meditate with listening ears towards God; to stop striving. Love and every blessing
Dark Night of the Soul – Chapter 3 – A Deeper Longing, p 63 – 101.