This week we will reflect on another image and the words contained in Sacred Spaces by Margaret Silf. Important at this time of isolation is our focus on the positive, those moments when we have experienced God’s grace, love and intervention in our lives; those ‘hilltop’ moments when were inspired with a vision to reach out towards what is utterly beyond ourselves.

  • In the chapter, Hilltops, Margaret suggests the symbol provides a view – a new perspective of the land from which we have come – and new insights into the journey that still lies ahead. She asks us to consider, if hilltops represent sacred space, then getting in touch with our personal life hilltops or life-giving moments might be one way to touch the transcendence within us.


  • Consider a scriptural hilltop story, Moses in Exodus chapter 3, is on Mount Horeb – It’s an ordinary day, Moses is minding the sheep, then he notices a glimmer of fire in a bush, a crackle, as of burning twigs, he investigates. The bush was on fire, not getting less…on the contrary, getting more and more vibrantly present. As he drew closer he began to realise this was a special moment in his life…some barrier between the seen and the unseen had been breached, that the energy setting the bush alight was creative, not destructive…bringing forth significant change but as yet he had no idea of what that could be.

As you prepare to relax in body and mind, to slow your breathing, and enter your silence, let yourself simply become aware of your life-giving hilltop moments as sacred moments. Sealed as with God and Moses, allowing God to reveal its purpose…a depth in which we come closer to a new vision…when we take the time for stillness and awareness.

Love and every blessing


Sacred Spaces – Stations on a Celtic Way – Chpt 3 – Hilltops, p 60 – 83.